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Banff Trail Riders - Spray River - 1 Hour

Banff Trail Riders - Spray River - 1 Hour

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Cross a tranquil river on horseback and then admire an enchanting Rocky Mountain waterfall. The 1-hour Spray River Horseback Ride gives you a great introduction to the untouched wilderness that can be found just outside the Banff townsite.Breathe in the pine-spiced mountain air as your friendly guide leads you towards roaring Bow Falls. You’ll also pass by the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course on this ride – one of the most immaculately manicured courses in Canada. But the most unique feature of this trip is crossing the Spray River. On hotter days, your horse may even decide to cool itself off by splashing water onto its belly, it’s an experience unlike anything else. The journey continues with a ride up the winding, wooded-trails of Sulphur Mountain before returning back to the corrals.

Departure Times: Hourly between 9AM-5PM
Operating Days: Everyday
Duration: 1 Hour 
Age Limit: 8 Years+
Weight Limit: 230 lbs
Season: May-October

Location: Banff Springs Corrals, Spray Ave

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