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Banff Tours - Grotto Canyon Icewalk

Banff Tours - Grotto Canyon Icewalk

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Explore the icy beauty of Grotto Canyon and see ancient native pictographs using special hiking crampons to grip the smooth frozen creek bed. The Grotto Canyon Icewalk hikes the frozen creek bed through a narrow canyon, past unusual rock formations and spectacular icefalls. This is a unique experience to walk directly on the ice, and walking on the creek bed floor gives you a unique view of the canyon. You might see ice climbers scaling the frozen waterfalls, but for many the highlight is the ancient native pictographs that are easily missed by the general public. Your guide will point out the stunted pine forest and hidden ancient native pictographs, which were likely created by Hopi visitors from the Arizona region. The symbols have many possible meanings and origins and you will learn more about First Nation history in the Bow Valley.

Event Times: 8:30AM 
Operating Days: Everyday
Duration: 4 Hours
Age Limit: 8+ Years
Season: December - April 

Phone: 877-565-9372

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