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Simplify your social club process

Does your company run an active social club? Do you sell products or host events that your employees purchase? If so, we can reduce the management burden of your social club by 50% or more.

Effortless club management: simplify and save

Our platform will streamline the management of your social club, resulting in a significant reduction of administrative time and effort. By hosting your club on our private microsite, both your employees and social club team will have easy access. The benefits of this hosted club approach, include the elimination of the manual work associated with each event or product sold, as well as the challenges of managing individual employee payments. Our platform supports automation of the entire process, providing a more efficient and effective solution for your social club management needs.

Save time and money + manage your social club with ease!


"We wholeheartedly recommend GoGoPerks to anyone seeking a top-notch social club hosting service."

Enbridge Pipeliner's Club

Over the last few years our social club has had the pleasure of engaging with GoGoPerks for their exceptional services, and we are absolutely thrilled to share our outstanding experience. From start to finish, this company demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that has impacted our social club in such a positive way.

The first thing that struck me was the seamless and efficient communication we experienced with GoGoPerks. Their team was incredibly responsive, attentive, and went above and beyond to address all our inquiries promptly. We truly felt valued as a customer from the very beginning.

When it came to the actual service, we were extremely happy they were able to tailor their services to meet our specific needs. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality solution were evident throughout the entire process. The willingness to adapt to our needs helped us streamline our processes and reduce the workload on our committee members.

What truly sets GoGoPerks apart is their exceptional customer-centric approach. They ensured we were involved and informed at every stage of the process, actively seeking our feedback, and making adjustments accordingly. This level of personalized attention left us feeling not just satisfied, but genuinely cared for as a client.

We wholeheartedly recommend GoGoPerks to anyone seeking a top-notch social club hosting service, as we continue to use them, we would encourage others to do the same.

Lorraine - Club President

Social club hosting benefits:

Hosting includes the below services

1. Private club site

Provide a VIP experience for your employees - on a private social club microsite, highlighting each of your products separately on your own group site.

2. Online automation

We'll create your product pages for you, plus your entire online: marketing, sales, reporting and payment processes are automated, so all you'll need to do is promote your offering.

3. Unique page links

Each of your products will have unique page links, that can be copied and included in your member mailings.

4. Digital order confirmations

Your employees will receive emailed order confirmations from our system, which can be use​d as proof of purchase when collecting their orders from your club.

5. Secure online payments

Our system has full encryption for secure transactions, plus a simple checkout process in Canadian dollars.

6. Web-based club dashboard

Your club management team will have access to a private web-based dashboard, so they can track and redeem orders.

7. Detailed sales report

The dashboard also provides a detailed sales report that can be downloaded, so you'll know what's been sold, when and to whom.

8. EFT payments

The transacted funds for your social club are transferred electronically into your bank account each month, plus your monthly PDF sales report is auto-generated by our system at the same time.

By using our platform...

Your employees will have the added benefit of accessing all the offers on GoGoPerks as well.

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