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10 Perks Your Team Will Love

10 Perks Your Team Will Love

Is it time to elevate your workplace culture with fun employee perks and activities? Employee perks are now essential for attracting and retaining top talent in any organization. While traditional long-term benefits like healthcare and retirement plans are crucial, providing immediate fun and engaging perks can significantly boost team morale and foster a positive work culture. Let’s take a look at what employee perks are and then delve into exciting activities that employees can truly enjoy as a team.

What are perks?

Employee perks are additional benefits and rewards that go beyond standard compensation packages. These perks are designed to enhance the overall employee experience, improve job satisfaction, and promote a healthy work-life balance. By offering perks that encourage personal enjoyment and team bonding, companies can strengthen their teams by bring people together.

    Fun perk ideas

    So, you're looking to inject some excitement and camaraderie into your workplace. Fun employee perks that bring team members together can work wonders for team morale and overall job satisfaction. From thrilling adventure outings to creative in-office activities, we've curated a list of exciting perk ideas that will have your team bonding, laughing, and creating lasting memories.

    1. Team-building retreats

    Organize offsite team-building retreats in picturesque locations, away from the regular work environment. These immersive experiences can include adventure activities, problem-solving challenges, and skill-building workshops. From high ropes courses to team-building exercises, these retreats offer a perfect opportunity for employees to bond, enhance communication, and develop stronger connections with their colleagues. Not only do team-building retreats create lasting memories, but they also reinforce a sense of unity and cooperation among team members.

    2. Game afternoons

    Host game events at work, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere within the office premises. Set up board games, video game consoles, or organize friendly sports competitions like table tennis or foosball tournaments. These game events provide employees with a chance to unwind, take a break from work-related stress, and engage in healthy competition with their co-workers. Such activities strengthen team dynamics, contributing to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

    3. Cooking classes

    Arrange interactive cooking classes, either in-house or at a culinary school, where employees can work together to prepare a delicious meal. These culinary experiences not only encourage teamwork but also promote creativity, problem-solving, and cooperation. Employees get to explore new recipes, share cooking tips, and enjoy the fruits of their labor together, fostering a sense of achievement and camaraderie.

    4. Adventure outings

    Organize thrilling adventure outings like hiking through scenic trails, zip-lining over lush landscapes, or kayaking along picturesque waterways. These outdoor activities promote teamwork, communication, and trust-building among employees as they navigate challenges and share exhilarating experiences. Adventure outings also offer a refreshing break from the daily office routine, re-energizing employees and enhancing their overall well-being.

    5. Volunteering opportunities

    Encourage employees to participate in team-based volunteering initiatives for a cause that aligns with your company's values. Whether it's helping at a local charity, participating in a community cleanup, or assisting in a food drive, engaging in philanthropic activities as a team fosters a sense of purpose and unity. Volunteering together nurtures a culture of compassion and social responsibility within the organization.

    6. Themed dress-up days

    Occasionally host themed dress-up days or costume contests where employees can embrace their creative sides and dress according to a chosen theme. Whether it's a retro day, superhero day, sports day, or favorite movie character day, these lighthearted events encourage self-expression and camaraderie among team members, sparking conversations and laughter throughout the office.

    7. Team sports leagues

    Create company-sponsored sports teams that participate in local leagues or friendly matches. Regardless of the sport, team sports provide an excellent platform for employees to collaborate, strategize, and compete together. Beyond physical fitness, team sports foster strong interpersonal connections, communication skills, and a healthy sense of team and sportsmanship.

    8. Movie nights

    Arrange movie nights in the office or an outdoor venue where employees can gather to watch a selection of films together. Provide popcorn, snacks, and comfortable seating to create a cozy, enjoyable movie-watching experience. Movie nights offer a laid-back setting for employees to unwind, bond over shared interests, and appreciate cinematic storytelling as a team.

    9. Bring your pet to work days

    Maybe this should have been number one on the list, as people love their pets! Designate specific days throughout the year when employees can bring their well-behaved furry friends to the office. These pet-friendly perks not only boost employee morale and well-being but also encourage positive interactions and conversations among colleagues. Having pets around can create a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, leading to increased happiness and productivity.

    10. Join a perks platform

    By joining a perks platform, your employees can easily access a board range of perks, and save on many things like: live events, attractions, national brand shopping, travel deals, health products, golf and general services. Let the perks platform do all the work of curating new exclusive deals, so your team can do fun things they love with friends and family! 

    Final thoughts

    Ready to enhance your workplace culture and boost team morale? Contact GoGoPerks to explore a wide range of exciting employee perks and group activities that will bring your team closer and foster a thriving work environment.

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